About Us

Prepare Now Channel presents emergency preparedness and survival supplies and how-to educational videos, along with related products at special prices.  The IPTV channel blends emergency preparedness with home shopping so that consumers may learn how to prepare and what they need to stock up on to prepare now.

The channel presents video demonstrations of a variety of essential products that individuals, families, and groups may need in the event of an emergency at home, on the road, or in the outdoors. The IPTV channel reaches over 1/2 of the U.S. population on over 100 million Internet connected TV homes & devices; streaming over Roku, Amazon Fire, Android and Apple TV.

Prepare Now also sells merchandise on its website https://preparenowchannel.com where customers may easily place orders for products they see on TV, or by calling toll free 855 255 SHOP.

Prepare Now Channel features a library of a variety of emergency preparedness and how-to videos available on Demand. The short films include “doomsday” prepping, DIY survival and preparedness, strategic relocation, old knowledge, security, and more.

Prepare Now brand is powered by TriStone Studios TriStoneStudios.com the media and lifestyle studio in Los Angeles, CA.